husband and wife team

We are complete opposites, but we balance each other's photography strengths and weaknesses.  Caty is the main shooter, Terry is the main editor. Caty is the laid back, down to business photographer, while Terry provides the comic relief.  We both contribute important aspects to our photography which makes us completely unique. 

caty and terry

Our first date was spent talking about photography, although at that time we both had film point and shoot cameras.  We both knew on the first date we'd get married, and four months later we were engaged.  We've been married for almost eleven years now (seriously doesn't seem that long though!) and together we have three kids who keep us on our toes.  We love the outdoors (hunting, fishing, going to the ocean to name a few) and we love to travel.  We also really love working together.  We make a great team both at home and on the job. 

our photography journey

We never set out to become photographers, we always say photography found us.  We started our business in 2011 when we were asked to take our nephew's senior pictures.  We posted a few to Facebook and it's been non-stop ever since.  We purchased our studio in 2016 and we've never been so in love with our job, our style, and our business as we are now.